Secrets of Atlantis

May 10




Secrets of Atlantis

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Underwater, on the float, on the ground and in the air

Underwater, on the float, on the ground and in the air, you are invited to find an unforgettable performance and magnificent show for the whole family!

You are welcome to see an enchanting entertainment involving performance of the best world-class artists in 120 tons of water, framed by light and musical fountains, the largest of which reaches 24 meters in height, and a laser show!

Atlantis is the mythical Island State. The inhabitants of Atlantis being arrogant, made angry the Ancient Gods, and the island submerged in water along with all the creatures inhabiting it. Since ancient times there have been legends about wealth and incredible knowledge remained at the bottom of the Ocean. Many travelers tried to get them, but it is not so simple to find the Atlanteans place of living . The entrance to the magical city is guarded by ancient and powerful monsters. The bravest people decided to try their luck and went in search of Atlantis. What awaits them in this underwater city?

Miracles? Sirens? Mythical creatures? Will they be able to find the lost city? All this you will learn from our program "Secrets of Atlantis."

Here charming mermaids will meet you and win your heart with their unforgettable flights! You will witness the birth of a miracle in an illusion attraction with the tricks of the best illusionists of the world! You will be put in a wonderful mood and will receive incredible emotions from the artists of the “Show on the Water”.

Orsha, Lenin Street 79

Orsha, Lenin Street 79