May 2020






The show Waterland

This is a beautiful waterfall of emotions, in which you will plunge! You will see elaborate, very dangerous acrobatics of magic, bright designer costumes, a creative conception of the director! This fairy show is not only for children, but also for adults.

Modern equipment, 24-meter fountains, a pool with 170 tons of water, light and sound effects, LED screens: the show is equipped with the latest technology.

Thousands of glowing fountains upcast tons of fabulous rain, immersing artists and spectators in an amazing atmosphere that captivates the spirit of both children and adults!

You will find attractive mermaids and jellyfish here. You will get acquainted with a clumsy bear-boatswain, joyous monkeys and a charming fur seal, and will witness the birth of a miracle in the illusion on the magical island of Waterland. The inhabitants of the underwater kingdom, who are able to control not only the element of water, but also fire, will capture your heart performing unforgettable stunts, and the stars reflected in the water will tell you an amazing story of love between the heaven and the earth!

And that's not all! AQUA ballet and laser show will captivates your imagination!

Come, enjoy and be amazed! The Waterland show is waiting for you!
We will make you believe in miracles!

Tbilisi, 1 Heroes Square

Tbilisi, 1 Heroes Square